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    • Today the potato is the fifth most important crop worldwide, after wheat, corn, rice and sugar cane.

    • Global consumption is shifting from fresh potatoes, to value added processed products.

    • Global potato transactions are currently worth close to US$6 billion, and are driven largely by processed potatoes.



    • The business has IP and licences relating to processing of potato, into a base product, which is able to be applied to a number of end products

    • The base product is of a particularly low cost, with added benefits for the vegan, lactose intolerant and vegetarian markets.

    • Purity, convenience and flexibility give the product significant benefits over many other food bases. Additional IP has been developed relating to a shelf stable and long life product outcome.

    • The business is currently completing development of a Commercial Pilot Plant and offtake product testing, prior to construction of a full scale medium sized processing plant.


    Market Status

    • An international marketing programme has commenced to ascertain interest from global licensees.

    • This covers international snack food companies, vegan food distributors, packaged breakfast foods and innovative potato based products.


    Product Attributes

    • Remains pure, 100% potato

    • Retains full taste.

    • The product can be moulded into any shape.

    • Is suitable as a binder or thickener in cooking.

    • Is suitable for the addition of other ingredients as required.

    • Can be cooked or baked in a number of methods.

    Product Range

    The nature of the process enables…

    • Cheese and cheese replacement products.

    • Snack food type products.

    • Pasta.

    • Wraps.

    • Crispbreads.

    • Unique chip like outcomes.

    • Ice-cream and milk replacements.

    • Aioli, mayonnaise and sauces.



    The current status of the project is …

    • All research and development relating to the pilot process is at Version 3

    • Pilot and commercial manufacturing plant design and costing has been undertaken.

    • Post processing product development for food service, cheese and snack food is being undertaken.

    Expressions of interest are being sought from partners for a staged investment of up to US$8 million, into the Potato investment company.


    Depending on the outcome sought this may include …

    • First mover advantage relating to a licence for
    • specific markets, • specific usage, • or for a specific geographic zone.
    • Equity in the holding company holding the IP and licences.
    • Access to initial Commercial Pilot offtake product for testing in own facilities or markets.




    If you would like to learn more then click on the Private Message button, email your request to: story@farmsandfinance.com or contact the Relationship Manager

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